Wellis SwimSpas

Our range of Wellis SwimSpas offer a combination of both swimming and relaxing at the same time. This exciting experience of a hot tub in a swimming pool provides a unique, luxurious experience.

Exercise at home

Swimspas have been designed for people who want the physical benefits of swimming. Therefore, water exercises can take place in the pool alongside enjoying the relaxation of hydro-massage therapy. Additionally, you can also enjoy the social event of sharing a hot tub with friends. These spas are an excellent space saving alternative to having a full sized swimming pool. They are deep enough to allow most swimming techniques including butterfly stroke, breast stroke and back stroke.

Combination Spa

Considering the space required for the traditional swimming pools, the Swimspa can be the perfect highlight for your outside space. Many customers have seen improved wellness, fitness and overall well being. Used to relax or to train by athletes, this incredible product serves a wide range of customers.

All of our Wellis Swimspas come with aromatherapy and chromotherapy lighting built in into the system. In addition to this, optional extras can be fitted such as smart phone activation, sound systems and pulsating massage patterns. And, when you’ve finished your work out, what better way than you recoup than with the hydro-massage jet system. This enables your muscles time to relax and re-oxygenate before you continue your day. Undoubtedly, the Wellis Swimspa is the ultimate spa/pool experience.

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