Exceptional solutions, available with semi cabinet design. We have designed two sitting places, so you can use professional swimming and unique massage in parallel. A side-mounted filter housing is now placed at the end of the swimming area, so that the floating area is wider, more than 50 cm.

W-Flow: specific training solutions with customizable swim features suitable for swim training with differing levels.

The Turbine – instead of hydromassage pumps- is capable to spin 50-160 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swimspa pumps Danube’s turbine produces by 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water…Incredible performance combined with energy efficiency.


Additional information

Colour Options (Shell)

Sterling Silver

Cabinet Colours

Brown, Grey


HorizontSide™ or Semi-inground, Stainless steel frame

Net Weight / Water volume (l)

1 047 / 5 913 l

Measurements (L x W x H)

4500mm x 2350mm x 1470mm


7-10 Person

Power requirements

Turbine: 3 × 16A / 400V / 50Hz, Turbine: 1 × 20A / 230V / 50Hz

W-flow: 3 × 20A / 400V / 50Hz, W-flow: 1 × 35A / 230V / 50Hz,

Swim Pump

3 × 3 HP, double speed / Turbine

Spa Pumps

1 × 3 HP, single speed + circ. pump

Heating unit

3kW/230V/50Hz heater

Control system

Gecko (IN.YE-8) / SmartTouch

Water sanitization

OzmixTM System

Total number of jets

24 spa jets

Cartridge filter

2 × SuperFine

Laminar fountain jets

2 × 3 lighting

LED lights

18 × exclusive LEDs + illuminated control valve

Wellis SmartPhone application


AQUASOUL™ 4.1 POP-UP sound system


Swimming stick


Heat Exchanger preparation


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