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All our Hot tubs use a system called the Heatlock System. This consists of up to 4” foam insulation on the inner cabinet walls and floor of the spa. This Heatlock system captures the waste heat being generated by the pumps. It recycles this heat from inside of the cabinet and transfers it to the water. It’s this innovative technology that helps to reduce running costs.

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Easy Access Panels

Because our spas are not foam-filled it allows complete accessibility to the inner workings of the spa. There are up to 8 access doors provided on each hot tub. This is so that routine servicing or technology upgrades (ie: more jets, pumps, music etc) can be carried out easily. Therefore this can happen without dismantling cabinets or removing the foam filling to access any fittings or pipes. The Heatlock system is not standard with most other spas.

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Did you know that up to 30% of the energy used by a spa pump is turned into heat? The Wellis Spa Range, Designer range, Arctic spa, & American Whirlpool capture and utilises the heat. This keeps your tub hot at your desired temperature, offering an eco friendly, green option.

No Foam Filled

On a ‘foam-filled’ or ‘foam backed’ spa, all the waste heat from the pumps is expelled out. Therefore, there is no transference through the foam to the spa water. This means that the spa heater has to be on far more often, causing higher electricity costs and heater wear and tear.

Many spa manufacturers assume price, not quality, is the deciding factor when buying a Hot Tub, and so manufacture their spas accordingly. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies here. All brands stocked at The Hot Tub & SwimSpa Centre have the Heatlock System. This is why they are proven to be the cheapest and greenest Hot Tubs available on today market.

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