Pool Style Heat Pump 7KW

A 7kW rated air source heat pump that is packed with clever features. Its inverter technology means it can adjust its heating capacity between 20% and 100% depending on the heating demand. In addition, this model is equipped with a titanium heat exchanger, r32 eco-friendly refrigerant, auto defrost and is extremely quiet. This model is rated at only 20db when in silent mode. The heat pump 7 also has the ability to cool the water, whilst this is not an often-used function it is available for those rare times we have very hot weather in the UK.


With an operating ambient air temperature of minus 10°c to plus 43°c and able to heat your hot tub or swim-spa water to 40°c, this is a far more cost-effective way to heat your hot tub or swim spa. Not only is this more friendly to your wallet but is also more friendly to the environment.

Capable of heating a large volume of water, up to 30,000 litres, this air source heat pump is an excellent choice for use in a hot tub or a swim spa.

  • Electrical requirements – The heat pump does not need any additional electrical installation on site as the unit will take its power from the hot tub.
  • Planning – Each installation will vary, and we will undertake a site survey to review and discuss the best fitment and location for the heat pump. This survey is free of charge to our local clients and is a great opportunity to discuss the best option for the installation of the heat pump.
  • Installation – The heat pump can be installed up to a maximum of 10 metres from the hot tub and will need a solid level area to be placed on. Our standard pricing includes installation of approximately 500mm – 1000mm from the hot tub. Positioning the heat pump further than this may incur additional costs for materials and labour. Pipe lagging is not included but this can be added by the customer should they require. We would advise lagging of pipes for long distances of over 3 metres.
  • Fitment – We will undertake some basic modifications to your hot tub/swim spa to plumb the heat pump into the heating system. There will be an inlet and outlet pipe plumbed into the hot tub base/cabinet to provide circulation through the heat pump.
  • Location – The heat pump requires a minimum of 450mm of inlet space and is recommended to have a minimum of 1500mm of space for the fan outlet.
  • Size – The unit measures w 910 – d 355 – h 690mm (height with rubber feet).
  • Noise – Our heat pump is super quiet and has different modes that can make the unit an almost silent 20db when set in silent mode.
  • Inverter Technology – This model is an inverter heat pump. This means it will automatically vary its power output between 20 and 100% depending on the heating requirement. An inverter heat pump is more efficient and provides a higher CoP than an ON /OFF air source heat pump.
  • Operating range – The unit will operate with an ambient air temperature from as low as minus 10°c and will heat up the water up to 40°c.
  • Guarantee – 2 years on the unit’s components and 5 years on the titanium heat exchanger.

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Pool Style Heat Pump 7KW

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