As perfect as a circle. This 2.18 meters diameter round hot tub is built with 22 water jets to provide full back massage for 5 adults, easily accessible top load filter, ozone water disinfection, 2 HP double speed massage pumps and exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and round array open seating space.

Colour Options (shell)

Sterling Silver

Storm Clouds

Midnight Canyon

Tuscan Sun

Winter Solstace

Pearl Alba

Cabinet Colours: Grey

Measurements (L × W × H) 02180 × 910 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 5 sitting
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l) 300 kg/1 045 l
Side cover VerticalSide UV-proof wood textured
Drains 1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement 1 × 13A  Plug & Play
Control box Gecko (IN.YJ-2)
Control panel Easy4
Total number of jets 22 pcs
Heater 2 kW
Pumps 1 pc 2 HP double speed
Water sanitization Ozonator
LED lights 10 pcs LED
Colours Sterling Silver, Pearl, Midnight canyon, Storm Clouds
Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system Fix
Thermo cover yes