A comfortable hot tub, even with a crowd! This award-winning design is the perfect comfort hot tub. The computer-drafted design recognizes that people are built differently so each therapy seat is made to accommodate these differences. Matching the seat to your body type is the best way to ensure that you can comfortably enjoy all of the therapy your hot tub can provide. In the Tundra, you’ll find a seat that fits you perfectly.

Its unique layout, overall size and large foot well can accommodate a crowd too, and do so without sacrificing the comfort features found in every seat.

Seating Capacity 7 Adults
Dimensions 7’9″ x 7’9″ x 3’3″H (235 cm x 235 cm x 98 cm)
Water Capacity 449 US Gallons (1700 liters)
Hot Tub Jets (13) 5″ Single Pulse Jets
(45) 3″ Single Pulse, and Directional Jets
(2) 3″ Neck Jets
(1) Monsoon Jet
Jet Pump 1 Dual-speed Spa Pump
Jet Pump 2 Single-speed Spa Pump
Jet Pump 3 Single-speed Spa Pump
Jet Pump 4 Single-speed Spa Pump – EPIC model only
Jet Pump 5 Single-speed Spa Pump – EPIC model only