Being solely Americas largest manufacturer of hot tubs being assembled in the USA, American Whirlpool have a hot tub design, shape & size to suit everyone!

100 Series (Small)

Honolulu (100)

Newark (151)

Charleston (160)

Denver (171)

200 Series (Traditional)

Memphis (250)

Nashville (261)

Detroit (270)

Seattle (271)

Atlanta (280)

Orlando (281)

Miami (282)

400 Series (Larger)

Boston (451)

Dallas (461)

Houston (470)

Chicago (471)

San Francisco (472)

Los Angeles (480)

Pheonix (481)

800/900 Series (Largest)

New York (881)

Las Vegas (890)

Washington (982)

Zone Therapy

The  Dr. Designed Zone Therapy seats put the right size jets with the right amount of pressure at precise pain trigger points giving you the most soothing massage. Furthermore, the water maintenance of your hot tub is made easy with a complete 4 step cleaning system and dual sanitisation. Surprisingly, this is the same technology that is used to sanitise drinking water all over the world!

Steel Frame Construction

The Steel Sub-Structure has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available. Moreover, unlike wood, steel is dimensionally stable. Additionally, it will not expand or contract with moisture, which over time can damage the spa’s exterior.

Northern Exposure Insulation System

Another key point is the unique 3 layer thermal barrier technology reflects the radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the spa. Consequently, this barrier ensures that energy created by the spa stays in the spa.

In detail, the ergonomic grip allows you to simply adjust the jet pressure as needed. Additionally, you can also control your spa on the easy to navigate SmartTouch 2 control panel. Altogether these Spas offer exceptional design and quality.